About Us


I am a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Fitness Trainer, and Hair Designer. Fitness has always been a priority to me. It is a way of life and a discipline that I am proud of. I started as a dancer, Ballet and Lyrical, then began choreographing programs for Fitness Athletes. The mindset of an Athlete is Unstoppable and that has become my Motivation and Passion. I am also a Hair Stylist & Colorist for over 20 Years. I love the interaction with my clients sitting in my chair. To make someone look great and feel amazing is instant gratification to me.

"Beauty is Being the Best Possible

Version of Yourself on the Inside and Out"



All it takes is 4 weeks to see the results of proper training. I customize fitness programs for each individual client; taking into consideration their needs and personal goals. Combining Body Sculpting techniques, Boot Camp training, Barre, Ballet and Pilates to make each session fun, motivating and Powerful. All it takes is discipline to change your life forever.

                  GROUP TRAINING

One class is all it takes to get you Motivated. Motivation is all it takes to make a Difference. My classes are full of intense energy and fun. Fitness is a tremendous passion of mine and I love to watch my clients truly enjoy their workout. I incorporate music, dance, Body Sculpting, and basic Boot Camp into a fierce workout. No matter what your level of training, there is a comfortable place for everyone. There is no judgment in my classes. We Are A Team!

I have been a hairstylist and colorist for over 20 years. I love the interaction with the clients sitting in my chair. To make someone look great and feel amazing is instant gratification for me. I do all Hair Care services from haircuts and styles, color of all types, corrective color, Up-Do’s and specialty hair designs for all occasions. I carry only professional, quality Hair Care products within a very comfortable salon atmosphere. My prices are reasonable and the smile you will leave with is FREE.